The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP releases its Annual Report 2011-2012

Ottawa - 2012-09-17

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The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP (CPC) released its Annual Report 2011-2012 today.

Report Highlights

  • The Commission completed 199 complaint reviews in the 2011-2012 reporting period. In 81% of these reviews the CPC was satisfied with the RCMP's handling of the complaints.
  • The CPC issued Final Reports on several high-profile incidents, including:
    • the in-custody death of Raymond Silverfox in Whitehorse, Yukon;
    • the in-custody death of Robert Knipstrom in Chilliwack, British Columbia; and
    • the arrest and subsequent death of Clay Alvin Willey in Prince George, British Columbia.
  • The CPC finalized its review of RCMP policing activities related to the 2010 G8/G20 Summits.
  • The Commission launched a Chair-initiated complaint and public interest investigation in response to widespread reports of workplace harassment in the RCMP.
  • The CPC noted an enhanced level of cooperation and collaboration from the RCMP in both the G8/G20 and the Harassment investigations.
  • As part of its ongoing focus on policing issues in the North and as a follow-up to its participation in the Yukon government-led Review of Yukon's Police Force, the CPC launched a pilot project aimed at enhancing awareness and knowledge of the Commission's activities in the Yukon. This resulted in an increased number of enquiries from the Territory referred to the CPC since 2010.
  • The Commission is encouraged by the progress made by Commissioner Paulson in eliminating the backlog of RCMP Commissioner's Notices. However, the Commission remains concerned that at the close of the year, 51 Commissioner's Notices remained outstanding; 75% of which have been outstanding for more than six months.

The Commission continues to support the government's efforts to strengthen the RCMP review and complaints process as set out in Bill C-42 and to play its part in ensuring that the RCMP remains an accountable and trustworthy institution.

The Report is available on the Commission's website.

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