Update – Chair-Initiated Complaint into the In-Custody Death of Raymond Silverfox, Whitehorse, Yukon, December 2, 2008

Ottawa - 2010-05-20

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP's (CPC) independent probe of the in-custody death of Raymond Silverfox, Whitehorse, Yukon, December 2, 2008 is ongoing. Part of the probe includes a thorough review of all RCMP materials associated with the case. The recently concluded inquest into Mr. Silverfox's death was closely followed throughout by the CPC.

The CPC has been approached by the Yukon government to assist with a review of RCMP policing in the Territory. Interim CPC Chair Ian McPhail has agreed to the request. Officials are currently in discussion to determine the specifics of the CPC's role in the policing review.

As a matter of routine, the CPC gathers all information pertinent to a specific investigation prior to rendering its findings and recommendations. However, as a matter of policy, the CPC does not discuss details of the information or materials in its possession during the course of an investigation.

Once a report is publicly released, the CPC makes all elements of its investigation available for review and scrutiny (while respecting privacy laws and other legal requirements).

The full complaint can be found on the CPC website.

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Kate McDerby

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