Update on the Complaints Commission's Investigation into RCMP Workplace Harassment

Ottawa - 2012-04-23

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP continues its independent investigation into issues of workplace harassment within the RCMP.

The Commission called for public submissions relating to this matter in January 2012. By March 30, 2012, the deadline for submissions, the Commission had received over 60 individual submissions addressing issues, concerns, and personal experiences with the RCMP's process for dealing with incidents of alleged harassment.

The RCMP has, in response to the Commission's request, provided access to its files relating to workplace harassment complaints and investigations. Commission investigators are assessing each file in the context of defined criteria. In addition, Commission investigators continue to conduct interviews with individuals who consider that they have been impacted by harassment in the RCMP workplace, either as complainants, respondents, or decision-makers.

The Commission anticipates completing its investigation and issuing its Final Report by year end.

To view the full terms of reference for the chair-initiated complaint and public interest investigation, please see Related Links box above.

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