Outstanding RCMP Policy Commitments

In examining and making recommendations aimed at correcting systemic problems, the Commission’s goal is to identify areas of improvement for the RCMP, while at the same time informing the Minister of Public Safety Canada and the public of its concerns. To that end, the Commission has to date monitored the status of recommendations relating to operational and administrative policy that the Commissioner has indicated will be implemented.

This year, the RCMP implemented all outstanding past policy recommendations made by the Commission, specifically regarding:

  • The revision of RCMP policy with respect to the provision of medical assistance;
  • The amendment of RCMP policy with respect to guarding prisoners;
  • The amendment of RCMP policy regarding members reviewing their own reports; and
  • The development of a policy regarding contacting callers when responding to emergency calls.

Going forward, the Commission envisions continuing to comprehensively track and monitor the implementation of its accepted recommendations.

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