Operational Policy: Closing of Public Complaint due to Incomplete Information

Effective Date

April 1, 2023


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • improve the service and timeliness of the complaint intake process
  • provide fair and equitable treatment to individuals submitting complaints
  • enhance the accountability and transparency of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) complaint intake process by fostering an efficient and equitable approach

Policy Statement

The CRCC applies a standardized approach to the intake of complaints that require additional information in order to be processed.


This policy applies to the Chairperson and all employees of the CRCC, as defined within Part VI of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act (RCMP Act). It does not apply to the RCMP.

Scope/Guiding Principles

At times, the CRCC will receive a complaint that lacks the necessary information to determine whether it meets the requirements of a complaint set out in subsection 45.53(1) of the RCMP Act.
Without the required information, the complaint cannot be processed further and is held as incomplete until updated.

To prevent a loss in efficiency and productivity created by keeping multiple incomplete complaint files open for extended periods, employees will attempt to contact the individual who submitted the complaint to obtain the missing information, via their preferred contact method.

Once contact is attempted, the employee will wait three (3) weeks for a response. If no response is received, a second attempt will be made.

On the second attempt, the individual will be contacted in writing and informed that their complaint file is being closed due to a lack of information. The individual will be informed that, should they provide additional information, their complaint can be reopened and reassessed.

The CRCC recognizes and abides by its obligation under the Canadian Human Rights Act to accommodate the needs of an individual accessing its services, as well as its duty to provide reasonable assistance to complainants under subsection 45.53(9) of the RCMP Act.

The complaint may be reopened at a later date provided it is resubmitted within one year after the day of the incident, per subsection 45.53(5) of the RCMP Act. Extensions to this time limit are addressed in the CRCC's Policy: Extension of the Time Limit to Submit a Complaint to the CRCC.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chairperson: Pursuant to subsection 45.31(1) of the RCMP Act, the Chairperson has supervision over and direction of the work and staff of the CRCC.
  • Managers: Managers are responsible for monitoring the use of this policy and ensuring that appropriate record-keeping is continuously maintained.
  • Employees: Employees are responsible for implementing this policy and maintaining consistent records regarding the application of this policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The application of this policy is to be tracked and it will be evaluated annually. The policy will be revised as necessary.

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