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Organizational chart depicting the Commission’s structure

*Governor in Council Appointees

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The Chair is the Chief Executive Officer. The Chair is appointed by order of the Governor in Council and has supervision over and direction of the work and staff of the CRCC.

The Vice-Chair of the CRCC, a Governor-in-Council appointee, assists and supports the Chair. The Vice-Chair may be called upon to undertake special projects. The Vice-Chair has been delegated by the Chair with the responsibility for processing review files expeditiously, implementation of performance-based service standards; and the preparation and delivery of interim and final reports following reviews, investigations and hearings, including the findings and recommendations contained therein.

The Chair may have a complement of full or part-time members who may be assigned to conduct hearings. Reporting directly to the Chair are the Vice-Chair and the Executive Director.

The Executive Director is a permanent position in the EX category reporting to the Chair and responsible for providing support to the Chair; leadership, strategic direction and review over the resources, operations, management and administrative infrastructure of the CRCC; the continuing review, evaluation, streamlining and evolution of policies and processes; the management framework, and service delivery strategy; the development and implementation of a communications strategy; constructive relations with the RCMP and the provinces/territories; and the provision of advice on administrative matters to the Chair.

The following positions report to the Executive Director:

  • Director, Communications and Corporate Services
  • Legal Counsel

The Senior Director, Operations also reports to the Executive Director. However, the following positions report directly to the Senior Director, Operations:

  • Director, Reviews
  • Director, National Intake Office
  • Senior Policy Advisor
  • Senior Research Advisor
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