Request a Review

Complainants must request a review, in writing *, within 60 days of receiving a formal notification from the RCMP concerning the outcome * of their complaint.

If you have made a complaint concerning the conduct of an RCMP member and are not satisfied with the way the RCMP handled your complaint, you can request a review.

If you request a review, the Commission will contact the RCMP, advise it of your request for review and request all relevant information regarding your complaint. Once all relevant material is received, a Reviewer Analyst will thoroughly review your complaint, the RCMP's response and all other relevant material such as witness statements, transcripts, police reports and notes and RCMP policies and procedures.

Requests for Review can be made:

Contact us online


Complete and submit the online review form available on the Commission's website.

Contact by telephone

By telephone: 1-800-267-6637

By completing the printable version of the request for review form in PDF and sending it via:

Contact by fax

Fax: 613-952-8045


Contact by mail


P.O. Box 1722, Station B
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 0B3
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