Summaries of Reviewed Public Complaints

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When a complaint is made, typically the RCMP carries out the initial investigation into the complaint and reports back to the individual.

The public complaint process entitles individuals who are not satisfied with the RCMP's investigation and handling of their complaint to have it independently reviewed by the CRCC.

The CRCC receives more than 250 requests a year from individuals asking for a review of how the RCMP addressed the allegation(s) in their public complaint. After reviewing all relevant material, the CRCC will issue either a:

  • Satisfied Report or;
  • Interim & Final Report providing findings and recommendations to the RCMP [remedial in nature]. 

The CRCC may recommend:

  • Members receive operational guidance or further training;
  • RCMP policies, procedures or guidelines be clarified or amended;
  • Supervisors receive guidance on their roles and responsibilities;
  • Public complaint investigators receive guidance or further training regarding their role in the public complaint process;
  • Public complaint investigations be carried out even though the RCMP had determined that such investigations were not necessary; and,
  • The complainant be provided with an apology.

Sample depersonalized summaries of finalized CRCC reviews are available below.

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