Police Investigating Police

Media reports and discussion fora have reflected public concerns about the independence and thoroughness of RCMP investigations into the conduct of another RCMP member. To examine this issue in greater detail, the CPC announced on November 27, 2007, its intention to launch a public interest investigation into the conduct of the unidentified RCMP members who were engaged in criminal investigations into the activities of other RCMP members between April 1, 2002, and March 31, 2007, in cases that involved serious injury (which include assault causing bodily harm and sexual assault) or death (including police motor vehicle fatalities).

This public interest investigation studied a sample of Canadian cases drawn from the five regions policed by the RCMP. The investigation analyzed various domestic and international models used to investigate police actions that resulted in serious injury or death and invited submissions from the public. The final report and recommendations were released in summer 2009.

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