Review of Public Complaint Records

The CPC conducts an annual in-depth examination of the entire RCMP public complaints system. Referred to as the Review of the Record project, this research provides an empirical foundation to assess how effectively the RCMP public complaints system is functioning overall, at the national, regional, and divisional level.

The Review of the Record examines all complaint dispositions stemming from public complaints against the RCMP lodged with the CPC, or directly with the RCMP, and is designed to:

  • Confirm that the RCMP's statutory mandate and responsibilities related to public complaints provided for in Part VII of the RCMP Act are being met;
  • Identify complaint issues that might form the subject of further examination or action;
  • Identify systemic issues within the complaint process and the wider context of Canadian law enforcement; and
  • Encourage collaboration with the RCMP to identify opportunities for change.

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