Update: RCMP Handling of Sexual Assault Report and Death of Nova Scotia Woman

August 1, 2023

The CRCC’s investigation into the RCMP’s handling of the reported sexual assault and death of Ms. Susan Butlin in Bayhead, Nova Scotia, is ongoing. To date, the CRCC has:

  • Identified, obtained and reviewed information provided by the RCMP.  This includes relevant RCMP records, reports, policy and training documents. The volume of information provided amounted to more than 20,000 pages of material.
  • Reviewed and analyzed more than 25 hours of video and audio recordings.
  • Conducted 30 interviews and obtained a written statement from civilian witnesses and active and retired RCMP members.

As part of its continuing investigation, the CRCC is reviewing RCMP member conduct in Ms. Butlin's case, as well as the RCMP's implementation of ongoing initiatives to improve sexual assault investigations.    

Once the CRCC completes its interim report, it will provide a copy to the RCMP.  The RCMP's response to the findings and recommendations of the interim report will then be included in a final version and made available to the public.

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