Ongoing Investigations

Ongoing Commission investigations can be categorized as:

  • In progress;
  • Subject of Interim Reports by the Commission; awaiting RCMP Commissioner's written response to issue Final Reports; and/or
  • On hold pending the outcome of other proceedings or investigations that may inform the Commission’s investigations (i.e. criminal trial, Coroner's Inquest).

The Commission receives, on average, 2,000 public complaints per year. To respect the privacy of complainants, the Commission's website only includes reports involving Chairperson-Initiated Complaints (where the Commission Chairperson is the complainant) and Public Interest Investigations about incidents that are already in the public domain.



RCMP's Arrest and Detention of Alberta Teen

Chair-Initiated Complaint
St. Albert, Alberta

RCMP Handling of Sexual Assault Report and Death of Nova Scotia Woman

Chair-Initiated Complaint and Public Interest Investigation
Bayhead, Nova Scotia

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