Public Complaint Information and Forms

This section is for use by RCMP members.

If you are a member of the public, please click here to be redirected to the public access form.

Checklist for RCMP members

Prior to filing a public complaint, please advise the complainant of the following:

  • Complaints can be filed independently with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC);
  • The public complaint process can be accessed through the CRCC's website www.complaintscommission.ca;
  • Pursuant to subsection 45.53(10) of the RCMP Act, information provided on completed complaint forms will be forwarded to the RCMP as part of the public complaint process; and,
  • An RCMP investigator may contact them to obtain a statement or further information related to their complaint.

Ensure that the complaint concerns:

  • the conduct of an RCMP officer in the performance of their policing duties.
  • and

  • an incident that occurred within the last 12 months.

    If the incident occurred more than 12 months ago, please advise the individual making the complaint that they will need to provide additional information / justification for the delay in order to determine if a time extension will be granted.

Ensure that the individual making the complaint is:

  • directly involved in the incident
  • or

  • a witness to the incident
  • or

  • a person authorized to act on behalf of the person directly involved in the incident


PLEASE NOTE: RCMP members who assist the public with completing complaint forms must:

  • enter their name and HRMIS # at the end of the online complaint form

  • or

  • sign the printable PDF form (as indicated on the last page)

The forms below are not to be used for RCMP Code of Conduct or statutory offences.

  • Online Complaint Form

    This form, once submitted, will automatically populate the CRCC's complaint database and a notification will be forwarded to NPCD.

  • Printable PDF

    Hardcopies should continue to be sent to their divisional Professional Responsibility Unit.

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