RCMP Response (Commissioner’s Notice)

July 5 2013

Mr. Ian McPhail, Q.C.
Interim Chair
Commission for Public Complaints
Against the RCMP
P.O. Box 1722, Station "B"
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. McPhail:

I acknowledge receipt of the Commission's report released on February 13, 2013, on its public interest investigation into issues of workplace harassment within the RCMP.

I have completed a review of this matter, including the conclusions and recommendations set out in the Commission's report.

I agree in principle with the conclusions in the Commission's report The RCMP is currently undertaking a thorough analysis of the 11 recommendations outlined in the report to inform the RCMP on changes to its processes, policies and training. The Commission's recommendations will be considered as the RCMP finalizes these changes, several of which require the support of the legislative amendments. I will be pleased to ensure that the RCMP continues to update the Commission on the RCMP's strategies and new procedures as they are implemented.

Thank you for the public interest investigation you undertook with respect to issues of workplace conflict and harassment within the RCMP. The development of more effective and transparent procedures for the prevention and resolution of harassment and conflict in the workplace will in turn assist the RCMP in continuing to be a trusted organization of fully engaged employees demonstrating and fostering leadership.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Paulson

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