Request to the RCMP for an update on the implementation of the Commission's 11 recommendations

Commissioner Robert W. Paulson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
73 Leikin Drive, M5 Building,
3rd Floor, Suite 101, Mailstop 47
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Paulson:

In support of section 45.34 (1) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, the Commission is engaged in planning efforts to determine whether to initiate a review of a specified activity. 

In order to better inform my decision-making as part of the planning process, I am seeking an update on the implementation of the Commission's recommendations contained in the February 2013 Public Interest Investigation Report Into Issues of Workplace Harassment within the RCMP. A copy of the recommendations is attached for your ease of reference.

I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

Ian McPhail, Q.C.


Public Interest Investigation Report into Issues of Workplace Harassment within the RCMP

The Commission's Recommendations:

Recommendation No. 1: That the RCMP implement a systematically compiled and nationally comparable system of data collection and reporting in respect of workplace conflict.

Recommendation No. 2: That the RCMP institute centralized monitoring and coordination of the harassment complaint process, located at RCMP headquarters and reported directly to a senior executive outside the divisional chains of command.

Recommendation No. 3: That the centralized coordination function also be responsible for receiving complaints of retaliation, the procedure for which should be clearly delineated in the applicable policy.

Recommendation No. 4: That an external mechanism for review of harassment decisions be implemented.

Recommendation No. 5: That the RCMP's policy regarding fostering a respectful workplace be defined as equally applicable to precursors of harassment, such as workplace conflict, in order that its dispute resolution mechanisms may be accessed at an early stage.

Recommendation No. 6: That harassment investigators receive mandatory specialized training in respect of conducting investigations into workplace conflict and/or harassment prior to being tasked with such investigations.

Recommendation No. 7: That the RCMP develop clearly defined investigative standards specifically in respect of investigations into harassment and workplace conflict.

Recommendation No. 8: That the RCMP implement timelines for the treatment of harassment complaints, including for efforts at early resolution.

Recommendation No. 9: That all supervisors and managers, upon appointment, be required to complete a relevant training program addressing workplace conflict and harassment within a set time of assuming their responsibilities.

Recommendation No. 10: That the online training module, which should address workplace conflict, including harassment, be delivered on a regular basis.

Recommendation No. 11: That the RCMP develop a comprehensive method of evaluation to ensure that changes are producing the desired effects, and that the results of such evaluation be regularly and publicly reported.

Released: February 14, 2013

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