Request to the RCMP to have information about the Commission’s investigation posted on the RCMP’s internal website

Commissioner Robert W. Paulson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
73 Leikin Drive, M5 Building
3rd floor, Suite 101, Mailstop 47
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Paulson:

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 18, 2016, clarifying the intent of the RCMP's "Internal Framework on Interaction with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC)", issued March 16, 2015.

I would like to confirm that the Internal Framework's subparagraph 3 stating ". . . personnel are not to initiate direct contact with the CRCC relative to a file or CRCC outreach activities without contacting their Divisional PRU which in turn will contact the NPCD . . ." does not apply in cases such as the CRCC review into RCMP Workplace Harassment, and that individual members and employees may contact the Commission directly notwithstanding this language.      

Further, in accordance with legislative requirements and current practice, all relevant material informing the basis of my findings and recommendations will be provided for your review.     

As per your offer, I have taken the opportunity to draft a message (attached) to all members and employees regarding the Commission's review and would appreciate if this was posted to the RCMP Infoweb without delay. I also request that the message be included in the Week in Review, Force-wide broadcast, as well as posted to the RCMP website. It is critical that the Commission hear from as many individuals as possible—both those who may have experienced workplace harassment, as well as those who have not.

Thank you for your support and cooperation on this important issue. 

Yours truly,

Ian McPhail, Q.C.

Enclosure (1)
c.c.: The Honourable Ralph Goodale, M.P., P.C.
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
Review of Workplace Harassment

Further to a request by the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (Commission) for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is undertaking a comprehensive follow-up investigation into workplace harassment in the RCMP.

The Commission's investigation will review the adequacy, appropriateness, sufficiency and clarity of RCMP national policies, procedures and training in relation to workplace harassment, including whether the 11 recommendations set out in the Commission's 2013 Public Interest Investigation into RCMP Workplace Harassment have been implemented. The investigation will also review the status of the RCMP's implementation of the Gender and Respect – The RCMP Action Plan and assess the effectiveness of these measures to address workplace harassment.

In addition, to assess whether RCMP harassment investigations are being carried out in accordance with policies, the Commission's review will include an examination of the RCMP's handling of harassment complaints. While the review will not make determinations in relation to specific complaints, such information may inform the broader review and help identify any systemic issues.

Furthermore, the Commission would like to gain insight from RCMP members and employees about the nature and extent of workplace harassment; confidence in the reporting process; and, if applicable, any barriers to reporting. The Commission also wants to learn about the impact of new harassment policies and changes to the Code of Conduct on the prevention and resolution of workplace harassment.

Consultation with RCMP members and employees will be a key component of the Commission's investigation—providing a unique opportunity for RCMP members and employees to share their personal views and experiences in the workplace. Commissioner Paulson has recently clarified to me that the "Internal Framework on Interaction with the CRCC" will not apply to members and employees who contact the Commission. All information provided to the Commission in this regard shall remain confidential. A summary of key themes derived from such information will be provided to the RCMP.

I encourage all members and employees who wish to contact the Commission regarding the Workplace Harassment review to please email:, or leave a message at 1-844-620-9829.

You may also contact the Commission by mail at:

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
Research Policy and Strategic Investigations Unit
Attention: RCMP Workplace Harassment Investigation Team
P.O. Box 1722, Station B
Ottawa, ON K1P 0B3

Yours truly,

Ian McPhail, Q.C.

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