Announcement - Review of workplace harassment in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Follow-up

The deadline for individual submissions concerning the Commission’s Review of Workplace Harassment in the RCMP was September 1, 2016.

Thank you to all current and former RCMP members and employees who made valuable contributions to the ongoing investigation. Over the course of the next month, the Commission will complete interviews with those who have made submissions. Additionally, administrative and stakeholder interviews will continue through the Fall and early winter.

The Commission continues its review of RCMP harassment files from February 2013 to 2016, relevant policies and training, as well as the RCMP’s implementation of both its Gender and Respect Action Plan, and the recommendations set out in the Commission’s 2013 Public Interest Investigation report into Workplace Harassment.

The Commission is undertaking a comprehensive review of workplace harassment in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police further to a request by the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety.

The Commission will review whether the recommendations set out in its 2013 Public Interest Investigation into RCMP Workplace Harassment have been implemented effectively. This report examined the adequacy, appropriateness, sufficiency and clarity of RCMP policies, procedures, guidelines and training in relation to workplace harassment.

The Commission will also review the status of the RCMP's implementation of the Gender and Respect - RCMP Action Plan and assess the effectiveness of these measures to address workplace conflict and harassment; to build respectful workplaces; and whether the measures reinforce a culture that promotes accountability and transparency.

To assess the implementation of national policies and determine whether RCMP harassment investigations are being carried out in accordance with policies, the investigation will also include a review of the RCMP's handling of harassment complaints.

The Commission's investigation will include extensive consultations with current and former RCMP members and employees, academics, legal experts, police oversight bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.

The review will also examine to what degree, if any, RCMP culture contributes to harassment in the workplace.

While the Commission's review will not make determinations in relation to specific complaints of harassment, the information provided may inform the review and help identify systemic issues.

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